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Beautiful Colours, New Cuts and Dashing Details for Spring/17

Brandtex’ first whiff of spring next year will come as early as December 2016, with a collection that borrows inspiration from France and creates a look involving smart styles and elegant colour combinations.

Colours include blue, red and white and come in dots, stripes and graphic patterns. Materials are exclusive, with dashing textures that are luscious to the touch and exquisite to put on. The beautiful classic style carries on well through the early spring and all the way to the high summer, getting interesting new expressions and colours throughout the season.

Chinos, Lace and Hole Patterns
Colours are given brand new freshness in the early winter months. Pistachio, coral, silver and blue, khaki and bright red melon – the choice is only yours. Chinos with dots, plain culotte trousers and an exciting flashback to the bell-bottoms of the 1970s. Feminine tops, blouses with flower inserts and hole patterns, where colours flow in and out of each other in contrasts or as nuances in the same range.

B-Woman Goes to Sea, towards the Southern Sun
Yet another season with an emphasis on comfort and quality from B-Woman. Sand, black and warm poppy red are set to launch the early spring with beautiful prints on blouses and T-shirts paired with trousers in plain colours. Spring then goes into full bloom with a sailor look with blue nuances, from dark blue to light aqua, white as well as silver. Knitware and T-shirts come with stripes and graphic details. And then high summer comes to brighten up your world with floral graphics in colours like sand, flamingo red, blue and coral. Gowns, skirts and capri trousers are given colours and patterns that exude lightness and freshness, in materials such as cotton, jersey and linen.

Smart Outdoor Garments in New Interpretation
Brandtex’ outdoor garments will come as sure favourites in your wardrobe in the form of a new take on a quilt jacket with flowers and dots and this season’s trendy trench coat.

NEW: Party and Evening Wear from Exclusive by Brandtex
Brandtex is set to launch its first collection of party and evening wear next spring. Materials and cuts are absolutely high-end and exclusive. There is a focus on gowns with matching jackets with a perfect fit and a dashing evening look. Colours include marine blue, black and pastel colours The high summer seals the deal with pink, orange, sand and off white in beautiful tribal patterns accompanied by floral prints.